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I am sad to say, but my least favorite season is rapidly approaching...BUG SEASON.  I really dislike bugs and I’m ridiculously afraid of most of them with the exception of Ladybugs.  I understand that they all have their purpose in the cycle of life but I have yet to learn of how a cockroach benefits anything.  To be honest, even if I were made aware of their contribution, I would probably look the other way and want them dead regardless.

This is where Danny Rodriguez, owner of One Way Pest Control comes in and saves the day.  Danny has been in the Pest Control Industry since 1994.  He is an area resident and an all around amazing guy.  I am so thankful that he agreed to spend some time with me for this portion of “Ask the Pro”

What is our bug season?  Being that we live in South Florida, we have bugs year round. However, you can expect to see them in larger numbers and more active when the weather starts to warm. Usually this is between March and October.

What type of bugs can we expect to see more of during this time period?  The most common bugs we will see are going to be American roaches, German roaches, grasshoppers and ants. Many types of ants, fleas and ticks too.

I hate grasshoppers, how can a homeowner get rid of them?  Grasshoppers are a tough kill, but it can be done like I did for you last season. The key is to get them when they are in the nymph stage. They're black with a yellow stripe down their backs and are susceptible to pesticides only during this stage.

Can I take care of bugs myself, why is there the need to hire a professional?  Many of my customers have tried to do it themselves. It can get dangerous and many of the over the counter products you can purchase at home improvement stores do not work here in our weather. Remember all of our products have labels that read CAUTION, DANGEROUS, and HAZARDOUS. So my suggestion is yes, call a professional.

I’m glad you brought up the product use.  How do the chemicals you use react with a child’s and or pet’s environment? Some companies offer a “green” solution to extermination, what does this mean?  By being certified in pest control, I know how to mix the products and place them safely. I recommend clients to stay off the treated areas until it's fully dry. That usually take 20 minutes to an hour. Personally, I'm not a fan of any pest products that are GREEN.  While they aim to give the user peace of mind, they simply do not work.  

What type of work does your company One Way Pest Control  perform?  We perform pest control services for all types of insects in the home and places of business.  Also, we treat lawns for insects as well.  Additionally, we can place protected rodent bait boxes on the exterior of homes and buildings as well.  

We don't fully treat for termites however, with regular service, I am sometimes able to identify that a problem exists before it is widespread.  If a termite problem is located in a certain part of the home, liquid treatment (spot treatment) is much better and easier on the homeowner.  However, since Palmetto Bay is known for older homes and larger trees, termites are commonplace.  I have noticed that a lot of homes have been treated for them and I'm a big believer in tenting the home.  It's a very quick kill.  If tenting is needed, I can refer termite control companies.

How does the process work, how many visits are needed, and how is cost determined?  I recommend services every 2 months.  It also depends on the pest and how severe the situation is.  The cost depends on the severity of the situation and the size of the home.  Scheduling can change as soon as the problem has been taken care.  After that, it is a maintenance only schedule.  Additionally, if a problem were to come up in between treatments, I will come back and assess free of charge and there are no contracts.

When walking into a property, what are the main things you look for as potential red flags?  The first thing I do is inspect the exterior.  Landscaping and trees up against the house as well as on top of the roof or even on a window sill.  Another entry point is through broken or missing attic vents.  On the inside I look for daylight coming in through any doors or windows that aren't properly sealed.  In kitchens and bathrooms and openings under the sinks and anywhere there is a water source.  These are all ways for pests to enter your home.

What about bugs on plants, grass, etc...can you take care of that or is another company needed?  Yes,  I can do that however,  I do not fertilize.  Palmetto Bay residents love to use landscaping as a means of privacy.  This is one area of pest control that is often overlooked.  What seems like a small dry patch or dead area in a hedge can quickly lead to loss of privacy.  It is usually due to insect such as Whitefly.  If it is caught early, the treatment is quick and easy.  It is definitely easier than finding a mature hedge/plant to replace what was lost. 

How familiar are you with the Palmetto Bay area?  Are there benefits of working with an experienced pest control company that works in this community?  I'm very familiar to the Palmetto Bay area and that is an advantage to my clients. Factors such as weather and road work can contribute to bugs being in the move.  Since I live in the area, I am privy to this info and this makes treating a lot easier

What do you recommend a potential buyer do as part of their due process and inspection?   Get the property inspected and if needed serviced by a certified pest control operator.  Pest control usually isn't a buyer’s main interest during a home inspection however it should be given the same time and attention as other parts of the home.  Termite and or roach infestation are costly and time consuming.  All too often, homeowners find out about this after they have settled into their new home.  Also, see when the septic tank was last serviced.  A neglected septic system could cause a bug issue.

If you are a seller that is thinking about selling their Palmetto Bay home, what are things to consider regarding pest control in order to ensure the home shows well during the sale process and limit potential issues that may arise in the transaction?  You want to ensure that any pest issues are under control and do an intensive treatment on the interior & perimeter.  The last thing you want to happen is for a potential buyer to see critters walking accross their dream kitchen which as you can imagine can be a turn off.  Additionaly, you want to make sure that you do not have large plants or tree branches in close proximity to your roof or attic vents which can minimize entry potints for pests.  

About One Way Pest Control
One Way Pest Control is a family owned company serving the South Florida area since 1994 and service both residential and commercial properties..

If you have questions regarding pest control, please contact Danny Rodriguez (305) 484-9475 is the most comprehensive resource for Palmetto Bay real estate.

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